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Spinnings top since 1950

There are toys that will never go out of style and that continue to be a rage for both young and old.

The good weather is coming and with it they return to the windows of the toy stores, toys to be able to enjoy outdoors. Although a new toy comes out every spring, there is one that never goes out of style and is still interesting to all children: the bobblehead.

It's funny to see in the streets, how boys and girls discover the game with their first swing and are surprised how their parents sometimes make it go better than them, where we can observe how they ask in surprise: Do you know how to use it?

Baldufa, ferolla, it doesn't matter what name they give it and how they transform its name to the same as the change that its composition and manufacture undergo, the original, the classic, the wooden one of all life and the one that we all know it is par excellence the best baldufa that, due to its composition, offers greater duration and resistance.

With this little toy, there are many motor skills that will work, without ignoring a very important aspect of these toys that invite to be used outdoors, they offer as an advantage that it promotes physical activity by avoiding sedentary lifestyle.

Even if it seems that the baldufa is an individual game, it is not, as this toy offers the possibility to relate to other children. They learn from each other and teach each other new techniques. They compete in throwing it and count the number of times the ball rolls on the floor until it stops, roll it in their hand and catch it again while it is still spinning on the surface. At Can Cels, we have been manufacturing skirting boards since 1950 and it has been our flagship product since the beginning and has positioned us as the reference manufacturer.

Don't have your spinning top yet?

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