Educating playing, playing educating.

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Educating playing, playing educating.

The game is one of the ways to stimulate positive emotions. By playing, children share unique experiences full of emotions that enrich their emotional evolution.

It is not only about playing and having fun, but during this activity, they themselves begin to create their emotional intelligence. This very popular term was defined by Daniel Goleman in the book called Emotional Intelligence (1995). For Goleman emotional intelligence has to do mainly with five relevant points: knowing our own emotions, managing them, motivating oneself, recognizing the emotions of others and establishing relationships.

Therefore, we can see how important play is in a child's life, getting in touch with emotions, and the best way is through play.

In the early childhood education stage, there are great resources that we can use to foster emotions: these are games, music, dance, stories and puppets. These are able to help work on emotional education. During the game, the interaction and free expression of feelings and emotions is manifested.

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